Italy – Spring 2016

I have been a lucky lady and I got to travel from the USA to Italy. Twice! This year! – which marked the 10 year anniversary of my first visit to Italy and the fairytale visit to Florence that made me love enchanting Italy. There was much to celebrate while visiting! In celebration, I’m sharing tips on my favorite activity. Here goes:

Get out in the vineyards in Tuscany! My favorite ones are in the Chianti Classico region, which happens to be celebrating it’s 300th year anniversary this year!

Stay at an argriturismo
where you’ll have a chance to interact with the farm owners and eat their farm grown food and family produced wine! Ask questions.

Scansano di Morellino, Chianti Reserva, Nobile de Montepulciano, and Brunello – all are produced using Sangiovese grapes. It’s nice to lounge out and relax in the middle of them. Enjoy the stillness and life growing in view.

Take a walk in a medieval village. Then, have a glass of house wine in honor of me! Find an enoteca to buy a bottle of local wine for both you and me.

Smell the wine. Swirl. Taste the place you are in. Remember. Every time you taste it in the future it will bring you back to Tuscany.

Celebrate life! Life is good.


Rogersville, TN

Crockett Park   

Surrounded by mountains and country people, I find myself at home. This is the place I always return to and belong.

This day I took a walk in our beautiful downtown, and in Crocket Park – where Davy’s grandparents rest.

Come visit Hale Springs Inn and my beautiful hometown for a slower paced, restful day! Once a college town, it’s an interesting place!


Gypsy souls, meet your newest friend, Donkey.  

He roams Antigua each day, with many other donkey friends, taking in beautiful sunrises..  

Eyeing infinity pools, dreaming of a swim…


Searching for turtles amongst the mangroves….

Tasting the fruits of the island…

Drinking in the sweet aromas of the day…






Snorkeling over colorful, live reef…   

What a vibrant life! 



…full of natural wonder!


And relaxation!


Each evening of color…

 Each day as sweet as Antigua Black…

It’s time to sail away!

Donkey’s favorite spots, featured in the pictures, include:

Turtle View – Modern accommodations!

Grand Pinneapple – Get yourself an all inclusive day pass for $75!

Long Bay – Bring your snorkel!

Cruise and Chill – Sail to secluded beaches!

Donkey is a wild and free gypsy and loves to roam! If you are interested in adopting one of his friends or learning more about donkeys in Antigua, check out The Donkey Sanctuary! It’s free to visit!

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Quebec City! SB 16

A photo journey through Quebec and the Ile du Orleans:

Sunrise room our room at Fairmont Chateau Frontenac.

Our team, while dog sledding on the Ile du Orleans with Mi Loop. 

Rue du Petit Champlain, Quebec City.

Who doesn’t like to roll down a hill? Fairmont Chateau Frontenac. 

Quebec blows me away. Fort Saint Louis.

Foie Gras desert at IX Pour – 9 tables, one sitting a night, #1 restaurant on Trip Advisor.

Maple Syrup on snow.

My snow angel.

Mush. Mush. Mush. 


Sleigh bells are ringing. Ting ting tingling too! It’s sure fun to go on a sleigh ride!

Mmmm… Quebec City – North America’s only walled city! Cideries, fresh cheese, maple syrup, a grand hotel, over 400 years of history. Now part of our history!

Learn more at:

Fairmont, Quebec City

IX Pour Bistro

Dog sledding

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Ile de Montreal

Tip – When visiting a new place, make sure that you ask for directions or have directions…or you may drive in circles for hours! That is, if you have a specific place in mind.

I’ve been in Montreal all day solo. I drove for 2 hours trying to find Old Montreal and the Old Port, and apparently was just a few streets away…so I’ve been told.

I at least saw the Notre Dame Basilica from a few streets over! And, a palace too!

It looked beautiful for a few minutes, but I went too far.

Several minutes later, I found myself in a beautiful place – a national park even!


Îles-de-Boucherville National Park – a park made up of 5 islands in the Saint Lawerence River.

What a beautiful place for hiking and backcountry skiing, I found in Sainte-Marguerite! I really enjoyed listening to the birds singing in the trees too.

It’s a great escape from bustling Montreal. Which I plan to see, next time!

If you have advice for next time, please leave comments! 😊

Off to Montreal!

Tip #6 Don’t be afraid to travel alone! You’ll make friends along the way, if you are open to it. You’ll learn more about what you’re interested in and meet people who have similar interests.

I met my sweetheart only because I was open to traveling alone. Now, I solo travel, travel with my girlfriends, travel with small groups, and with people I’ve met along the way – like my great partner!

Sunrise – SB 2016

Wilmington, NC Day #5

What color! What magic! What a lovely world! What stillness! What peacefulness!


What a beautiful memory! I met my love after kayaking here at Trails End three summers ago on my very first trip to Wilmington, NC!

This moment may be the most magical part of my day! The Cafe du Monde coffee I brewed and yoga wasn’t bad either!

Tip #4 If you are free to do what you please, get up and see beauty of the beginning of the day! The calm colors of the rising fiery sun arising and the starry night fading – what glory! 

Tip #5 Southern breakfast at Sawmill. Support local for a pleasant surprise!

This is the perfect costal beginning to the travel day ahead. In a few hours, I’ll be driving to Charlotte, NC and then flying to New York City tonight. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be flying to Montreal and driving to Quebec City!

Any advice along the way is appreciated!