And the adventure begins….

Welcome amazing friends:

I’ve never done this before but have heard from friends, colleagues, and passengers alike that I should write up a Travel Blog. I possess a wealth of knowledge about the travel industry, and wish to both share and gain more. Using this online portal, I invite you along for adventures, tales of foreign lands as well as towns/cities that are a hop, jump, and skip away, and the promotion of equality, respect and tolerance for other American subcultures as well as cultures around the world. Everyone and every place is most certainly unique in it’s own way and should not be overlooked.

As someone who follows the nature versus nurture argument believing that one’s continuously changing environment is constantly changing an individual, I encourage all friends to allow the wonderful world we live in to not be taken for granted but to be enjoyed. Allow the many cultures, experiences and environments into your life through new knowledge and enjoy who you become. Maybe Momma was right after all, it seems wise to be careful where you go and who you go with since those memories are part of you.

I dedicate this blog to:

Kathy and Len Postlewait – My amazing, creative, road trip loving, musically talented, creative parents. I realized my dreams because of them.

Katherine Blanks – My late grandmother, my greatest childhood friend. Her traditional and theatrical stories, faith, picnics walks and summer drives, mischievous nature, secrets, and promises, and her desire to visit a place she never had the opportunity to go to. Always a part of my heart and who I’ll be, forever.

Chelsea Postlewait – My little, cheer coaching, teaching copycat sister. Exploring PSA overnights, like the rest of the crew. 😉

All of my Family and Friends!

Berea College – My alma mater for bestowing upon me many great academic, cultural, and social opportunities.

PSA Airlines – For giving me a chance to be a stewardess, and travel both regionally and around our world fulfilling a life goal.

US Airways/American Airlines Customers – If you have received a link to my blog, it was a pleasure meeting you this year. Thank you for conversation and for being a valued customer.

Disclosure: This blog is my personal thoughts and is not linked to the company I work for, at all.


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