Sweet Home of the Tigers

Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

It was hot and early in the day. My crew was hungry, as was I. We grabbed a bite to eat at a Mexican restaurant right next to our hotel. I was hungry for adventure. Lunch didn’t satisfy my thirst. After a quick shuttle to downtown, I wondered how I might satisfy my need. I had been here once before, so I immeditely visited the incredible Old Capitol building.


Inside, you’ll learn about Louisiana’s politicians of yester year, including history about the legendary Huey P. Long – the Kingfish -the Governor and U.S. Sentator who brought infrastructure to the state. He campaigned a “Share Our Wealth” Platform for presidency, implemented a greatly needed road building program in LA, and built schools, bridges, and the new State Capitol – a symbol of modernity.

Learn more at, www.hueylong.com

In front of Indian Mounds on the LSU campus

Soon, I was back on the pathway of adventure – this time, the walk along the Mississippi River. After stopping to watch a barge and some tourists hop on board the USS Kidd, a naval destroyer and memorial, I asked a local lady where I might find a coffee shop. She reminded me why I don’t have a smart phone yet probably will need one. She said, ‘Why don’t you look that up on your phone.’ An the answer is simple, I want to learn from individuals not artificial intelligence. No coffee in hand, but soon a Magnolia Mounds postcard, I walked away from the water and towards LSU.

PASTIME Restaurant – A Louisiana Tradtion For Over 65 Years…


was my next stop, where I met owner, Randy Wesley. He gave me a run down on how Pastime has been a part of LSU traditions for many years, even shuttling potential customers to campus. The restaurant has seen celebrities such as Matthew McConaughey, LSU atheletes, and flight crew – yours truly. And, it is recognized by ‘Pizza Today’ as a Top 100 pizzeria!


Close by, Magnolia Mounds – a Creole Revival plantatation – introduced me to the life of early settlers from France and the West Indies. The guide easily illustrated how French Creoles formed the life and culture that influences this community still today.


Too soon, my hotel shuttle pulled up taking me away to fly to another not too far off place…in search of another adventure.


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