Hello from Fabulous Las Vegas! I sit here trying to decide where I am going next Honolulu to Tahiti? Phoenix? San Diego? Earlier I was pondering, let me share:


I value quality over quantity. Above and Beyond customer service over doing just what’s required. Is that not made TWA, Eastern, and Pan Am great? Come fly with me to a regional destination, and experience what air service should be like – following US Airways guildlines, of course.

Or, saddle up for a rodeo and hang on for the time of your life while visiting a far off or nearby destination with me. Friends – I have Buddy Passes still available for this year and an adventure on my mind.

If you are interested in ART:

French Impressionism @ The Milwaukee Museum of Art, Milwaukee

Modern Picasso & Warhol @ The High (A collaboration with the Louvre), Atlanta

Italian Renaissance @ The Uffizi, Florence, Italy

OR other places on my mind:

A New England Autumn, Portland, Maine

A Country On Strike, Athens, Greece

Featured in the WSJ, Zagreb, Croatia

South America Realized, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Island Fever, Honolulu, Hawai’i

OR other places on your mind? Send me a Facebook message or comment here.


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