Vegas, San Diego, Grand Cayman

October 9th:

Good morning world! Hello from sunny Pacific Beach!

Yesterday, my trip ended in one city yet my car was two flights away. Due to improper planning, I had no chance of returning to my car. So I set sail with the company of two very interesting Gold Star Alliance customers – one one either side of me to hot and lively, Las Vegas. It was the only flight going west, and I was destined for very stimulating conversation. Thank you, gentlemen. I was inspired by the idea of writing down the conversations you hear other speak while reveling away in Airportville.

One attempt to Honolulu down and two for Phoenix, I set my sails this morning for San Diego. And here I am sitting at not only a Travel Channel must, but a Kayce highly recommends coming here if in Southern California must – The Broken Yoke.


This morning, I’ve enjoyed the most incredible poached eggs (not fried), Hollandaise, and spinach on a marvelous dish – Eggs Florentine – and of course the reason I flew here over anywhere else, a Pomogranite Mimosa.


Can you even imagine trying this?

I’m headed out on a red eye tonight, possibly to go snorkeling with my sister and her beau.

Later, I met up with Erinn – an old college friend. We spent the the day exploring the tidal pools and visiting with the seals who claim the coast in La Jolla Cove, watching gloriously barking dogs roam domestic and free at Ocean Beach, and drank Pomogranite Margaritas before heading back to her abode to freshen up.

The hidden bar scene was fantastic – Vin De Syrah is hidden beneath The Melting Pot in downtown San Diego. Good luck finding the hidden door, if you choose to go. Just know that inside other patrons may be laughing as you search for the door. I highly recommend the White Watermelon Sangria.

Red eye back to Charlotte down and one more flight to go, I took a 4 hour nap at the airport. Night’s sleep complete, I was on my way to Grand Cayman.

To Be Continued…


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