Resolution 2012

Resolutions vs Challenges

Resolution: To become more well travelled and healthier while gaining insight from friends made along life’s journey.

Challenges for 2012

1.) To walk on the Great Wall of China
2.) To volunteer and do good on vacation – Reef Relief OR Relief Riders International, etc.
3.) To refresh my lifestyle via retreat:

A.) Workout every hotel stay – Try pole dancing, yoga, spin classes, etc.
B.) Healthy diet – No sweets and eat green in January, evaluating a food diary each month
C.) No Soda – Except one day a week

4.) To spring from WordPress Blog to actual personal website

A.) Featured Trip each month
B.) Artisan and Travel inventory
C.) Recommendations for healthy food and fitness via 6 – 5k Getaways
D.) Feature Friends

5.) To sublet in Charleston, SC in the springtime
6.) To continue search for online MA programme
7.) To complete a New Year’s Resolution 2 years in a row


One thought on “Resolution 2012

  1. Yes I truly believe that spirits and ghost as we know them
    lingeraround, some never going to the other side because of unfinished business. As the gentleman and his tiny blue house. A few years ago my husband and I were house hunting in the Charlotte area. The agent took us to a house in Mt Holly area. The place looked very tiny from the outside and almost no sidewalk on the tiny in town street. We were eager to look at it because the ad had said free furniture went with the sale. When we entered the front door the place opened up. 10 feet ceilings making it appear larger. The 2 front rooms were seperated with a long hall. The first room we went into was where I felt her. No one was there, as a matter of fact the room was almost empty, ouside of a few clothes hanging and a walker leaning against a wall. But I felt her there, a very old lady and I knew instantly she had lived in the house a long time. I would guess 40 plus years. She followed us trough the house as we went room to room. The furniture was junk the family was too lazy to move, an old refrigerator, old clothes, walker. There were small cups of plants in the back kitchen window. It was obvious they had picked over and taken anything of value or what they wanted. I almost felt sorry for the lady. sad. I wanted out. Later I told my husband on the drive home that the lady was still in the house. He said yes, he knew, he saw her in the front room. If you want you can tell the next spirit you meet to go home, their job here is done. There is a beautiful place waiting for them and other family members.

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