My world is on fire with excitement!

Welcome to my SOUTHEASTERN ASIAN adventure!!


After a LONG 15 hour flight (4 movies, 2 meals, maybe 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 glasses of wines), I arrived in Hong Kong! No passport stamps here. :-/ After checking my luggage away at Left Luggage in Terminal 2, a friend of mine arrived – without a plan on how we’d spent the night in Hong Kong. That’s alright; that’s okay. He’s really pretty cool as he’s originally from Tennessee. Immediately, we boarded a train to Hong Kong station and continued on the Island Line to the Tin hau station. We visited (on the outside) a temple, the station’s namesake. He explained that a bunch of dead people hanging on walls were worshiped there – simplified version of local culture. But, the 18th century temple was ornate and beautiful from the outside. It actually is dedicated to TIn Hau, the goddess of the sea that looks over fishermen and sailors.

Onward, under the smog filled, starless sky…we walked through a park catching up. We had late night dinner in the Causeway Bay area within the red light district, perhaps. Imagine octopus, cuttle fish, fish balls, beef, shrimp, squid, seaweed, and noodles all in one dish in a loud, bustling eatery at 1amish – in the middle of shop, after shop, after shop!

Back at the airport, I discover a wonderful lounge with SHOWERS! USA – let’s add some of these to our airports already!

Who wants to come with me to Hong Kong for some shopping and to see one of, if not the biggest Buddha, that currently exists!?


Immediatlely after arriving in Bali, I tried to use an ATM. Denied. BCA bank Ubud saved me the next day. Remember to make sure your bank allows you to use your debit card when in other countries for the best exchange rate! I called and thought I was covered, but for the third time my bank has let me down. Thank you credit card for cash advances!!!

Before you exit DFS, you can hire a taxi for a set price to get to Ubud. You should no more than 200,000 IDR. I was still looking for an ATM I could use, so I hired a private drive who spoke no English to get me to Suly’s Resort and Spa.

Thank goodness I had the address saved so he could read it! After over an hour drive, we made it! Welcomed by a cool glass of juice and a familar, friendly face – Rena – I was so happy already. Shortly after settling into the room and visiting with my other travel companion, Caroline, we made our way to a cermonial dance and dinner show the resort. This student dance group was specatular! After though, I was even happier to sleep. The USA is very far away. I am certain I spent over 35 hours in transit to be in this exotic world of eating, praying, and loving others.

Want to volunteer and teach for a whole month away in Bali? You can at Suly’s! They have their own yanasan – Bali Global HighSchool. Underprivledged and orphaned children come here to prepare for a better life; they learn English, yoga, massage, and hospitality here. Some continue to work at Suly’s after, some work at other hotels in the area, while others continue to study at university. YOU can come here and teach these kids English, take yoga classes, and use resort amenties.

For $12 a night, you too can stay in Ubud. For less than $1, you can have a meal…or maybe try some eel.

Pemeteran – Or, adopt a baby coral for $40? I did. Google Bio Rock Pemeteran.

Enjoy the photos while I’m off to Tuscany 🙂












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