Beyond the Hotel: Newport News (PHF)

How do you have a fun day out in Newport News for $30 or less!?

Befriend the hotel manager or shuttle driver immediately. If a driver is available, shuttle service can be arranged at hotel. Put on those tennis shoes I know you have in your roll-aboard. Leave your hotel room. Be active and proactive. Go enjoy the day. Hire a cab if you did not follow step one. Get out and enjoy the sunshine, or the shade, at Newport News Park. You’ll feel like your on vacation.

Newport News Park is the largest park within city limits on the East Coast! With 30 miles of hiking and biking trails, golf and disc golf, archery, a lake reservoir for boating and fishing, and camping; you will have plenty of options to keep you busy, active, and enjoying your day!


Bike Rentals $3/per hour
Jon Boats and Canoes $5/per hour
Paddleboats $6/per hour
Make some turtle friends $0/per hour



Playtime made you hungry? It’s raining and you can’t play outside? You wanna play with your food? Or, have a super fun dining experience? How about All You Can Eat, fresh, made to order sushi!

Sushi King is the answer!

Order anything off the menu, again, and again! This restaurant has great food and atmosphere! And, the hotel can pick you and/or your crew up there!

Lunch $11.98
Dinner $15.99

Don’t forget to give your new friend at the hotel a tip or chocolate. Chocolate is always a good way of saying thank you.
If you enjoyed my idea for a day in Newport News, I appreciate chocolate or comments by text, on here, in person, or on Facebook.


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