Late Summer Treats…


Fog is rolling in, but the sun melts it away. A warm, late summer rain is rolling in. Time for play. Emerging from the clear, crystal drops of gray days are scarlett, ruby, midnight violet, and ocean blue berries.


Hidden beyond tunnels of rhododendron, wildflowers, and birch trees, blueberries on the balds are becoming ripe enough to pick pints. Above it all on the highest peak east of the Mississippi, raspberries are ready to be jammed in a jar – or in your mouth. With incredible, sweeping Western Carolina mountain views in all directions, the Blue Ridge Parkway is the perfect place for a weekend of hiking and berry nice dreams.


Have you ever seen a Salal berry?

No? Time to trek out to the Northwest. I saw them on Bainbridge Island, Washington during my jaunt to Seattle last week. Sugary sweet but rough around the edges, these hairy berries often are one nice treat! This berry plant also has a long medicinal history. Not one I can say I’ve had the pleasure of tasting or experiencing. Unsure of what they were, I did not treat myself with berries but with Stand Up Paddleboarding instead.


Have any cool berry pictures from hiking? How can you tell a poisonous berry from an edible one? Where will you spend the last days of summer?


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