HPN – Westchester County, New York

Welcome to one of America’s richest counties! If you don’t want to overnight here, let me know. I’ll work it for you; promise! I like $50 tips for being nice.

You can do so much in the area for $50 or less!

Here are some ideas based on activities I have done or want to do listed from FREE to $50:

Of course, you can go to the City for only $9 each way!


Bike.The hotel provides two bikes and will give you ideas for places around the neighborhood to go for a ride. There are several great routes and parks in Rye Brook.

For a little more cash, I’d recommend catching the train out of Portchester and going biking on the Old Croton Aquaduct – now a 26.2 mile trail of what once was a 41 mile acquaduct bringing a massive water supply to New York City keep seeing posters at the train stations, so it’s on my to do list.

It passes through Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow – where the legend began. It is on the Hudson line; yet, our closest station is on the New Haven line.


One thought on “HPN – Westchester County, New York

  1. Great to know, how nice do you have to be to get $50, just kidding! Love your blog and all the stuff to do on our overnights.

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