BHM – Birmingham, Alabama

Welcome to the cultural capital of Alabama! A very exciting place to visit as Downtown is being revitalized! This cultural and economic rejuvination includes many independent shops, bars, and restaurants.

Check out birmingham365 for the lastest on events, music, and fun!

A favorite stop for me is 41st Street Pub and Aircraft Sales. Yes, the owner can sell you an aircraft! He actually worked for the same airline as us before becoming a corporate pilot! Bonus: Our hotel will drive you there! Food trucks are nearby!

My favorite restaurant is definitely The Fish House! They have live music, fresh fish, and 2 dining options: take care of yourself or be waited on hand and foot.

Best pizza? Definitely Cosmo’s in 5 Points! They offer delivery, patio dining in a breezeway, and a Sunday Bloody Mary Bar!



Last Fall, I discovered Southeastern Outings – a nonprofit community of adventure loving people of all ages. They bike, hike, kayak, and seek outdoor adventures all over Alabama. Look them up for a fun group hike or kayak for your overnight!

Or for some solo fun, you can hike up to Vulcan – a Birmingham icon built for the St Louis World’s Fair of 1904. He stands less than a mile and a half from the hotel up on Red Mountain. By the way, the World’s Fair is going on now in Milan!



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