Do it! Spring Break 2016 

I’m off from work for 17 days, and have spring fever! I’m ready to see the world! And, go to a few spectacular places, including Charleston, SC, Quebec City, and Antigua!

I’m looking for recommendations in Quebec City and Antigua! 

Check out blog over the next few weeks for updates on the journey and tips on budget travel! And, do it!

Day #1 and #2 Charleston County, SC


Tip # 1 Save money, make new friends, stay close to the action, and have comfy accommodations using Air BnB. Use my link for an added bonus,

We did it! We stayed 2 nights for $100.

After waking up to great conversation over coffee with our wonderful first time hosts, we were off to creative yellow tomato cocktails at Crave – their recommendation. 


What a good morning, but bad idea before running a 5k at the very hidden Oakland Plantation! We came to support the East Cooper Land Trust, who saves small properties for future public use, and to enjoy an oyster roast at a beautiful plantation.

And, we did it! That is, we wogged (more walking than jogging) our way through beautiful avenue of Oaks and to the feast we weren’t yet ready for.


Oysters. Oysters. Oysters. Oysters. And, sweet, sultry, salty, summery sunshine! 

Grateful to the ECLT for protecting this hidden gem and hosting this annual fundraiser.


We had too many oysters and too much sunshine! It was the perfect holiday beginning!

Tip #2 Find activities like our Race & Roast on EventBrite!



Stay tuned for more tips, the journey, and more photos!


2 thoughts on “Do it! Spring Break 2016 

  1. Hi there! Your trip sounds like it’s going to be amazing, and I’m super happy that you’re embracing the spring fever! I spent a month in Quebec City, so here are some recs from me:

    – Marche du Vieux-Port de Quebec : it’s a supermarket with all sorts of goods, from pastries, macaroons, to cured meats and cheeses (sort of like Toronto’s St. Lawrence’s Market)

    -Aux Anciens Canadiens: traditional Quebec fare; go here for authentic, delicious Quebecoise cuisine (a bit pricey, but so worth it)

    -Comptoir Emmaus: a very awesome thrift shop

    -Erico: Chocolate shop and chocolate museum

    -Cafe-boulangerie Paillard: great bakery; has delicious sandwiches, salads, and pastries … and of course, the gelato. Mhmm.

    – You can take a ferry from the port in Old Quebec City over the St. Lawrence River to Levis; there’s a chocolate shop over called ‘Chocolats Favoris’; and really long coast-hugging bike trails

    For museums, there is a 3-site pass that covers visits to:
    -the Musee de la Civilisation
    -Musee de l’Amerique francaise, and
    -the Centre d’Interpretation Place-Royale.

    For the first, the Greek gods and goddesses were featured at the time, and the First Nations were as well. I don’t know if they’ve rotated. It’s a spacious, minimalist-styled building. Quite nice. The exhibitions were interactive in that visitors were offered headsets to listen to a digital tour.

    For the second, the feature was French Canadian heritage, and the third featured Quebec City’s history. I left museum visits til the end of my trip, so I only really explored the first museum thoroughly; the others were rushed.

    I haven’t been to Musee des beaux-arts, but if you like art history, it’s the one to see in Quebec City, and it’s close to the Plains of Abraham.

    Other historical sites I’d rec:
    -Plains of Abraham: site of battle between Montcalm and Wolfe, now a beautiful urban park; great for strolls, picnics
    – Parliament building: stately architecture, fountains, sculptures
    -Observatoire (highest point in the city); offers a gorgeous view

    Oh, and of course: Terrasse Dufferin, the boardwalk in front of the Chateau Frontenac, which offers a great view over St. Lawrence; and Quartier Petit Champlain, with its little trinket shops.

    Boulevard Champlain – a long, beautiful trail beside the St. Lawrence River that can lead you from the Aquarium du Quebec to Quebec City itself. Really would recommend biking it, it’s lovely.

    I wish you a safe and wonderful adventure! 😀


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