Sunrise – SB 2016

Wilmington, NC Day #5

What color! What magic! What a lovely world! What stillness! What peacefulness!


What a beautiful memory! I met my love after kayaking here at Trails End three summers ago on my very first trip to Wilmington, NC!

This moment may be the most magical part of my day! The Cafe du Monde coffee I brewed and yoga wasn’t bad either!

Tip #4 If you are free to do what you please, get up and see beauty of the beginning of the day! The calm colors of the rising fiery sun arising and the starry night fading – what glory! 

Tip #5 Southern breakfast at Sawmill. Support local for a pleasant surprise!

This is the perfect costal beginning to the travel day ahead. In a few hours, I’ll be driving to Charlotte, NC and then flying to New York City tonight. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be flying to Montreal and driving to Quebec City!

Any advice along the way is appreciated!


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