Ile de Montreal

Tip – When visiting a new place, make sure that you ask for directions or have directions…or you may drive in circles for hours! That is, if you have a specific place in mind.

I’ve been in Montreal all day solo. I drove for 2 hours trying to find Old Montreal and the Old Port, and apparently was just a few streets away…so I’ve been told.

I at least saw the Notre Dame Basilica from a few streets over! And, a palace too!

It looked beautiful for a few minutes, but I went too far.

Several minutes later, I found myself in a beautiful place – a national park even!


Îles-de-Boucherville National Park – a park made up of 5 islands in the Saint Lawerence River.

What a beautiful place for hiking and backcountry skiing, I found in Sainte-Marguerite! I really enjoyed listening to the birds singing in the trees too.

It’s a great escape from bustling Montreal. Which I plan to see, next time!

If you have advice for next time, please leave comments! 😊


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