Italy – Spring 2016

I have been a lucky lady and I got to travel from the USA to Italy. Twice! This year! – which marked the 10 year anniversary of my first visit to Italy and the fairytale visit to Florence that made me love enchanting Italy. There was much to celebrate while visiting! In celebration, I’m sharing tips on my favorite activity. Here goes:

Get out in the vineyards in Tuscany! My favorite ones are in the Chianti Classico region, which happens to be celebrating it’s 300th year anniversary this year!

Stay at an argriturismo
where you’ll have a chance to interact with the farm owners and eat their farm grown food and family produced wine! Ask questions.

Scansano di Morellino, Chianti Reserva, Nobile de Montepulciano, and Brunello – all are produced using Sangiovese grapes. It’s nice to lounge out and relax in the middle of them. Enjoy the stillness and life growing in view.

Take a walk in a medieval village. Then, have a glass of house wine in honor of me! Find an enoteca to buy a bottle of local wine for both you and me.

Smell the wine. Swirl. Taste the place you are in. Remember. Every time you taste it in the future it will bring you back to Tuscany.

Celebrate life! Life is good.


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