Wilmington, NC SB 2016

Day #3 and #4

Wilmington, NC 

Thanks for skimming over my sweet lil’ blog right now, let me introduce you!
Readers meet Wilmington:


…and Michael Rooker, a star from The Walking Dead/Guardians of the Galaxy! You never know what celebrity you might meet on the streets!








Another beautiful coastal city worth a tour! 

Tip #3: Look out for local shops like The Edge of Urge! Not only will you buy unique one of a kind clothes and support local business, you’ll be supporting a local designer who makes clothes right above the retail store! 

Expect to see Edge of Urge products when I get to Antigua! 


Do it! Spring Break 2016 

I’m off from work for 17 days, and have spring fever! I’m ready to see the world! And, go to a few spectacular places, including Charleston, SC, Quebec City, and Antigua!

I’m looking for recommendations in Quebec City and Antigua! 

Check out blog over the next few weeks for updates on the journey and tips on budget travel! And, do it!

Day #1 and #2 Charleston County, SC


Tip # 1 Save money, make new friends, stay close to the action, and have comfy accommodations using Air BnB. Use my link for an added bonus, https://www.airbnb.com/c/kpostlewait.

We did it! We stayed 2 nights for $100.

After waking up to great conversation over coffee with our wonderful first time hosts, we were off to creative yellow tomato cocktails at Crave – their recommendation. 


What a good morning, but bad idea before running a 5k at the very hidden Oakland Plantation! We came to support the East Cooper Land Trust, who saves small properties for future public use, and to enjoy an oyster roast at a beautiful plantation.

And, we did it! That is, we wogged (more walking than jogging) our way through beautiful avenue of Oaks and to the feast we weren’t yet ready for.


Oysters. Oysters. Oysters. Oysters. And, sweet, sultry, salty, summery sunshine! 

Grateful to the ECLT for protecting this hidden gem and hosting this annual fundraiser.


We had too many oysters and too much sunshine! It was the perfect holiday beginning!

Tip #2 Find activities like our Race & Roast on EventBrite!



Stay tuned for more tips, the journey, and more photos!

SAT – San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio from atop the Tower of the Americas

Last week I spent a day in San Antonio with my crew on an overnight. We had a great time on both the River Walk and at the Alamo exploring together. I spent time there reminiscing over a trip my Daddy had planned for my Mom and I back during early 2012, and of course making new memories. All the pictures in this blog post are from the 2012 trip.

While there, I came up with some ideas and suggestions for future overnights and day trips to the City:

1.) Visit Boudro’s on the River for the best Guacamole and Prickly Pear Margaritas.

2.) Visit San Antonio’s Missions – a National Historic Park: Beginning at the Alamo, you can walk or can rent a city bike and visit the other 4 Spanish Missions that began their history with a goal of converting indians to Christianity.

3.) First time here? Hop on the City Sightseeing bus. It’s only $22.

4.) The Tower of Americas has great drinks, food, and views!

5.) Gruene Hall. It’s on my list because it is Texas’ oldest dance hall! This one is a day trip as it is located between Austin and San Antonio.

6.) Alamo Sightseeing Tours: Tour #1 includes a riverboat ride, 3 missions, a market, and a Texas ranger museum! Tour #4 is a 9am – 4:30pm wine tour!

I go back on Saturday and can’t wait for some Texas size fun!


20150312-203603-74163046.jpgAnd, what a grand city we saw…

20150312-203756-74276791.jpgloving both river and tree


20150312-204231-74551968.jpgenjoying food and history

20150312-204601-74761876.jpgWhat a grand time we had! I love you, Mom! Great standby travel memories! Friends, don’t forget to share time with those you love most!


20150312-205212-75132781.jpgAs they say in Irish, Slainte!

A Day Off… My Way

After a 4 day work trip away from home, one might think I would want to go home and relax before the next 4 day trip.

If you already know me, you are already laughing. You know what I do. For those who don’t know me yet and those who follow me around the world, allow me to share how I relax.

It’s 9am, we have one more flight to Knoxville. Afterward, I’ll have 3 days off. I spend the whole flight debating where to go.

Once we arrive, I decide I want to go to Las Vegas.


We deplane, and I go to my car. I have 4 hours before I board a flight to Charlotte and then on to Vegas. I make 3 stops:

1.) Ross for a cheap top, handbag, and sunglasses for my Vegas day,
2.) It’s morning. I want cheap, Southern food. I admit this reluctantly – I went to Shoney’s,
3.) I need to figure out how to add more exercise to my life – I go to my health club & spa. Then I’m off, back to the airport. I’m relaxed and ready for more!

I have earned Diamond Status with HHonors. This program works so well with my nomadic lifestyle. Each month, I earn a hotel stay. Sometimes, I use these for commuting to work. I stay other places, of course, but this time it means a free night in Las Vegas!

After a relaxing night in, I’m off to the Strip. Gambling away a few dollars, I enjoy a few corrected coffees at the Tropicana before meeting a friend who’s spent the weekend celebrating becoming 30!

We put on Arctic Circle wear to enter an ice bar! Of course, we have a few drinks in cups made of ice before exploring Mandalay, MGM Grand, New York New York!

After a nice afternoon, he’s off to the airport and I’m off to Paris. That is, I’m headed to the spa for a massage and a facial! Mmmmmmmmmmh…..

Relaxed, I walk outside and dine on a Parisian terrace overlooking the swirling, dancing, romantic fountains of the Bellagio! So sweet are the sights!

Doubletree Las Vegas Airport, thank you so much for the faux Hemingway Dacquari, the complimentary shuttle rides to and from the Strip and airport, and for stowing away my bags while I had fun on the town!

It’s been a great day, I think, as I hop on a red eye to Charlotte. Tomorrow I’ll fulfill another dream….


You can do it too! Sign up for every hotel reward program that is available to you and that you stay with. There are flights to Las Vegas from every major hub. You really only need 24 hours!

If you need advice on a quick, fun trip! Leave a comment below! Or, tell me about an adventure!

BHM – Birmingham, Alabama

Welcome to the cultural capital of Alabama! A very exciting place to visit as Downtown is being revitalized! This cultural and economic rejuvination includes many independent shops, bars, and restaurants.

Check out birmingham365 for the lastest on events, music, and fun!

A favorite stop for me is 41st Street Pub and Aircraft Sales. Yes, the owner can sell you an aircraft! He actually worked for the same airline as us before becoming a corporate pilot! Bonus: Our hotel will drive you there! Food trucks are nearby!

My favorite restaurant is definitely The Fish House! They have live music, fresh fish, and 2 dining options: take care of yourself or be waited on hand and foot.

Best pizza? Definitely Cosmo’s in 5 Points! They offer delivery, patio dining in a breezeway, and a Sunday Bloody Mary Bar!



Last Fall, I discovered Southeastern Outings – a nonprofit community of adventure loving people of all ages. They bike, hike, kayak, and seek outdoor adventures all over Alabama. Look them up for a fun group hike or kayak for your overnight!

Or for some solo fun, you can hike up to Vulcan – a Birmingham icon built for the St Louis World’s Fair of 1904. He stands less than a mile and a half from the hotel up on Red Mountain. By the way, the World’s Fair is going on now in Milan!


HPN – Westchester County, New York

Welcome to one of America’s richest counties! If you don’t want to overnight here, let me know. I’ll work it for you; promise! I like $50 tips for being nice.

You can do so much in the area for $50 or less!

Here are some ideas based on activities I have done or want to do listed from FREE to $50:

Of course, you can go to the City for only $9 each way!


Bike.The hotel provides two bikes and will give you ideas for places around the neighborhood to go for a ride. There are several great routes and parks in Rye Brook.

For a little more cash, I’d recommend catching the train out of Portchester and going biking on the Old Croton Aquaduct – now a 26.2 mile trail of what once was a 41 mile acquaduct bringing a massive water supply to New York City keep seeing posters at the train stations, so it’s on my to do list.

It passes through Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow – where the legend began. It is on the Hudson line; yet, our closest station is on the New Haven line.