Gypsy souls, meet your newest friend, Donkey.  

He roams Antigua each day, with many other donkey friends, taking in beautiful sunrises..  

Eyeing infinity pools, dreaming of a swim…


Searching for turtles amongst the mangroves….

Tasting the fruits of the island…

Drinking in the sweet aromas of the day…






Snorkeling over colorful, live reef…   

What a vibrant life! 



…full of natural wonder!


And relaxation!


Each evening of color…

 Each day as sweet as Antigua Black…

It’s time to sail away!

Donkey’s favorite spots, featured in the pictures, include:

Turtle View – Modern accommodations!

Grand Pinneapple – Get yourself an all inclusive day pass for $75!

Long Bay – Bring your snorkel!

Cruise and Chill – Sail to secluded beaches!

Donkey is a wild and free gypsy and loves to roam! If you are interested in adopting one of his friends or learning more about donkeys in Antigua, check out The Donkey Sanctuary! It’s free to visit!

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SAT – San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio from atop the Tower of the Americas

Last week I spent a day in San Antonio with my crew on an overnight. We had a great time on both the River Walk and at the Alamo exploring together. I spent time there reminiscing over a trip my Daddy had planned for my Mom and I back during early 2012, and of course making new memories. All the pictures in this blog post are from the 2012 trip.

While there, I came up with some ideas and suggestions for future overnights and day trips to the City:

1.) Visit Boudro’s on the River for the best Guacamole and Prickly Pear Margaritas.

2.) Visit San Antonio’s Missions – a National Historic Park: Beginning at the Alamo, you can walk or can rent a city bike and visit the other 4 Spanish Missions that began their history with a goal of converting indians to Christianity.

3.) First time here? Hop on the City Sightseeing bus. It’s only $22.

4.) The Tower of Americas has great drinks, food, and views!

5.) Gruene Hall. It’s on my list because it is Texas’ oldest dance hall! This one is a day trip as it is located between Austin and San Antonio.

6.) Alamo Sightseeing Tours: Tour #1 includes a riverboat ride, 3 missions, a market, and a Texas ranger museum! Tour #4 is a 9am – 4:30pm wine tour!

I go back on Saturday and can’t wait for some Texas size fun!


20150312-203603-74163046.jpgAnd, what a grand city we saw…

20150312-203756-74276791.jpgloving both river and tree


20150312-204231-74551968.jpgenjoying food and history

20150312-204601-74761876.jpgWhat a grand time we had! I love you, Mom! Great standby travel memories! Friends, don’t forget to share time with those you love most!


20150312-205212-75132781.jpgAs they say in Irish, Slainte!

PNS – Pensacola, Florida


12 miles. Beach. 18 hours. Must find a way!

We arrive at the gate 3 minutes early. I’m so excited to see that my Captain has already gotten our bags off the plane.

Beach. Beach. I think.

Cab? $35. Each way. No, thank you.

Public Transportation? Public transit bus and trolley service in Pensacola is provided by Escambia County Area Transit (ECAT). Whether touring downtown Pensacola, heading to the beach, or going to work, ECAT provides regularly scheduled service. There is no bus service on New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Easter Sunday, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, or Christmas Day.

The bus stop closest to our hotel is #3, and one can transfer to the beach express bus in the town of Pensacola – which has a lot to offer too. Bus 41 will take you to town; from there, bus 61 will take you to the beach. Beach.


So, if I take the bus I can get to the beach and if I want to stay past 4:30 this afternoon I’ll have to take a cab? Maybe I’ll just use the bus to go downtown next time. Hmmm….

Bike? If I can find one, I thought I as began researching.

Emerald City Tours will drop them off and pick them up from area hotels for $20! And, will rent them for $10! So, I gave them a call at 850.417.9292 and got this beauty!


As I biked through The Hill, I could smell BBQ in the air. I was so hungry after a morning full of flying the friendly skies and researching transportation. I followed my ears to an ice cream truck, but didn’t buy ice cream. I followed my nose and the road…


BINGO! City Grocery, offering up deli and daily specials, wine, and hospitality!

Beach. Beach. Bike. Bridge. Bridge. Focus.


Finally! I made it!






Followed by a concert, dancing on the beach, and a nice night ride back.

Ready for a night in Pensacola!? I sure am! How about at Wisteria Tavern, Pensacola’s oldest pub?

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated! I love hearing your ideas also!