Gypsy souls, meet your newest friend, Donkey.  

He roams Antigua each day, with many other donkey friends, taking in beautiful sunrises..  

Eyeing infinity pools, dreaming of a swim…


Searching for turtles amongst the mangroves….

Tasting the fruits of the island…

Drinking in the sweet aromas of the day…






Snorkeling over colorful, live reef…   

What a vibrant life! 



…full of natural wonder!


And relaxation!


Each evening of color…

 Each day as sweet as Antigua Black…

It’s time to sail away!

Donkey’s favorite spots, featured in the pictures, include:

Turtle View – Modern accommodations!

Grand Pinneapple – Get yourself an all inclusive day pass for $75!

Long Bay – Bring your snorkel!

Cruise and Chill – Sail to secluded beaches!

Donkey is a wild and free gypsy and loves to roam! If you are interested in adopting one of his friends or learning more about donkeys in Antigua, check out The Donkey Sanctuary! It’s free to visit!

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